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Why do people panic studying for ABOG/ AOBOG?

People panic when studying for the ABOG / AOBOG because it’s scary.

A lot of people finish residency procrastinate on taking their oral boards and then panic and take it with only 1-2 attempts left (new rules apply you have take orals 6 years from graduating residency).

Unfortunately many candidates are not in academic settings have not been keeping up with ACOG standards and try to play 5 years of catch-up in 3 months before the exam.  The result, yup you’ve guessed it board failure.

I can not stress how important it is to read daily you get the green journal…so don’t just look at the cover! Open it go to the website incorporate new standards in your practice– educate your RN’s change the standards on L&D.

It shocks me how many candidates still treat all low risk patients with unknown GBS >37 weeks with penicillin–that is not the standard of care. Yet busy practitioners fail to keep on top of new guidelines.

I started my website to help candidates with recurrent board failures and re-educate them on standards.  Its not easy to pass after you fail– several people end up with PTSD and severe test taking anxiety.

My goal…I want to improve our profession to re-educate OB/GYN’s on new standards that”s why I’m teaching GYN in November at the ABC Board review course.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE….STUDY now… you can’t afford to cram… and don’t just blindly purchase everything.. you’ll be overwhelmed

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