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Avoid Failing Your OBGYN Boards

Over the years I have met hundreds of brilliant young Ob/Gyn physicians.  It is an honor to get a chance to teach and mentor.  It’s disheartening to hear the horror stories of those who fail their ABOG or ABOOG exam the cost is great — losing jobs, marriages, hospital privileges. Surprisingly most of these candidates are American medical school graduates, subspecialist  and finished at well established residencies and are top earners in their field.   I take pride in mentoring these physicians and together figuring out exactly what needs to be done differently.

I can tell you with certainty the one main distinction that helped them pass is mock orals.  One past client who now is in field of board mentoring feels that each board failure attempt at least 10 mock orals need to be accomplished.

Most prior board failures take this advice very seriously. While cost is an issue so is lost income.

The rule of thumb for an engagement ring is 1 months salary and the divorce rate is 40% in the USA!!  However the one hurdle that affects your entire career and income potential is board certification and most OB/Gyns want to spend less than 1% of their salary on the one thing that guarantees them employment.  I’m not saying that without board certification you are unemployable but most insurances will cut your revenue, most hospitals will deny you medical staff privileges (if not board certified within 5 years residency) and some insurances will disallow you into a PPO’s.

The key is not how much you spend but taking time to find a quality product and utilize your time efficiently. You need to change your busy hectic lifestyle  if you wish to pass and carve out a regimented study plan.

WOW!!! A study plan?  That takes you back to medical school era where you felt overwhelmed.

But stop, there’s no need to feel this way.  Unsure where to start?

  1. Read ABOG/AOBOG test topics– if you’re unsure or weak in more than 30% take a board review course.
  2. Practice speaking early! Yup that means now.  But I haven’t studied… Waiting until you feel you know a subject will be a week before the exam due to most of your call schedules you’ll have a hard time learning everything.  Practicing speaking now and organizing thoughts will give you an infrastructure of how to present material.  For those with horrible stage fright consider joining Toastmasters.  Getting a prescription for propranolol. And  starting mock orals now!
  3. Practice each type of exam if taking ABOG caselist defense and cases of the day.
  4. Practice hands-on simulations and cases of day formats for AOBOG
  5. Lastly get a mentor someone who will hold you responsible text you weekly and keep you focused. Sign up for my twitter account to get daily tips @passobgynboards

Good luck and feel free to call me with comments or questions 470-ACE-TEST